Thursday, June 27, 2013

“Home Delivery” (1)

I promised some articles about my first animatied short film, “Home Delivery”, so here they are, from the Press Dossier of the project. Hope you like it.

Home Delivery is an animated short film adapted from a tale by American writer Stephen King, originally published in the anthology “Book of the Dead” edited by John M. Skipp and Craig Spector.

Home Delivery is a small scary story, and that is the way it’s conceived in film; as a macabre tale, aimed at an adult audience capable of seeing the irony in the state of affairs in our western societies, and capable of playing with iconic topics in search of new results. In this way, the short film format, equivalent to the literary short tale, acquires all its power as a medium for story telling. This is an EQLIPSE production.

The company was set up by Elio Quiroga in 1998. The animation company involved in the technical production of the project is a hybrid studio composed of La Huella Efectos Digitales (in charge of the computer generated imagery) and Sopa de Sobre Studio (a collective of traditional animators), with works such as “El Cid”, “Anastasia” and dozens of ads and short pieces in their curriculum. In this sense, complete collaboration from this hybrid studio uniting traditional animation and computer imagery has made it possible to create a project like Home Delivery on a modest budget. At the same time, Director of Photography Josep María Civit, AEC, with feature films such as “Guerreros” or “Asfalto” under his belt, has supervised the treatment of colour and photography in the short film. The soundtrack composer is Alfons Conde. Conde graduated from UCLA (University of California in Los Angeles) in Film Scoring. He has orchestrated recordings for TV series such as Casper- The TV Series or Toonsylvania, a Steven Spielberg production, as well as for other Disney productions. As well, the American band REM has contributed one of their songs for the soundtrack of the short film.