“La Hora Fría” (2007) is aKa "The Dark Hour" (UK), “The Cold Hour” (GER), “Bio-Crisis” (JAP), “A ora negra” (BRA) or “Dark Times” (RUS).

Written and directed by Elio Quiroga
Executive Producer: Margaret Nicoll
International sales: Lightning Entertaiment

The eight year-old boy Jessie has been living in a crumbling underground facility since he was born with a group survivors of an apocalyptic war: the leader, Maria and her lover Theo; the gays Lucas and Mateo; the astronomer Magdalena and the teenager Ana; the soldier Pedro and the lonely Judas. They are permanently under a state of surveillance, threatened by the contaminated mutants, “The Strangers”. On top of that, a few days each month they must lock themselves in their rooms without heating to protect themselves against the dangerous ghosts, “The Invisibles”, which attack during the Cold Hour. The group cannot go to the surface, which was destroyed by nuclear war. Whenever they need supplies, medications and ammunitions, they organize expeditions to a storehouse, and when the menace of The Invisibles eventually puts the eight survivors at risk, the group is forced to organize an expedition to the surface.

Theatrical trailer

LA HORA FRIA aKa THE DARK HOUR Spanish sci-fi movie trailer from Elio Quiroga on Vimeo.

Subtitled teaser

LA HORA FRIA aKa THE DARK HOUR subtitled teaser from Elio Quiroga on Vimeo.

International sales teaser

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