Monday, September 30, 2013

The team

Here are the people working on my new film. Working title: "The Mistery of the King of Kinema".

The idea to make the movie came to us in a meeting in Paris. My Executive Producer Margaret Nicoll had befriended Maud Linder, the daughter of French film pioneer Max Linder. 

Maud's life was fascinating and we decided to make a movie about her and her father. Three years later, the film is close to be finished.

Max Linder was the first movie star. He was known as "The King of Kinema". He was forgotten after his death, and his films lost. Maud Linder is his daughter. For 70 years she has struggled to find the films her father made and to recover his legacy.

This documentary tells their story. And here are the team...

Margaret Nicoll, Executive Producer

Julio Perillán, Actor

Luis Sánchez-Gijón - Editor, AD, Camera C

Juan Lorenzo Prada, Production Director

 Lati Maraña (AEC), Director of Photography, Camera A

Lorenzo Andrino, sound recordist

Jerôme Debéve, producer
(after being asked for more money!)

Régis Barbey, color grading

                                          Alfons Conde, film score composer

 Juan Belda (right), film score and sound design

Carlos Ramos (right), songwriter ("Hermanitas")

Carlos Paz, silent film specialist with Julio Perillan 
characterizad as Max Linder

Santiago Verdugo, film poster designer

Left to Right: Me, Lorenzo Andrino and Lati Maraña at
the Charles de Gaulle airport